POSTED ON October 26, 2020

Our drywell allows the rainwater runoff to recharge the local aquifer, rather than adding to the city’s stormwater overflow.  This is one of the features that help make Burnside Boardwalk so green. 

In a normal urban environment rainwater is channeled into the city drainage system that pushes the water directly to streams bypassing the traditional means that recharge the ground water system. 

The hole that was dug into the ground was 20 feet deep to make sure that the bottom ring was well into the sandy and rock layer of dirt that was deposited at the last ice age.  This is a very porous medium that will transfer the water into the aquifer system very nicely.  

These photos show the installation of our concrete rings that line the dry well. These will fill with rain water runoff from the property, which will gradually percolate out the perforations in the sides.